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Pressure Mapping System

The SIT Lab makes use of the dedicated expertise of rehabilitation therapists from various fields (physiotherapy and occupational therapy), in the use of this state of the art technology. This technology is in the form of the Force Sensitive Application™, or FSA. Use of the FSA System enables the physiotherapist/occupational therapist to make an informed decision regarding pressure distribution, postural symmetry and the effectiveness of the seating system and pressure relief in an objective and scientific manner. This is achieved through measuring the pressures between the client and the cushion or backrest of the wheelchair in real time, and is represented through a pressure map of the client.

All wheelchair cushions marketed in South Africa are available in the SIT Lab used to perform the pressure mapping. This is done to help identify the best possible pressure relieving cushion for each client prior to purchase. Wheelchairs are procured and delivered to the clinic, for the client to try out prior to purchase.

How this is achieved
The pressure mapping sheet is placed on top of the cushion to be tested, in the appropriate chair/wheelchair. This pressure mapping sheet is connected to a computer that “reads” the pressure and converts the readings to a picture representation of pressure (see mapped seating on the right). The most ideal is when the picture is predominantly blue, as seen above. The physiotherapist / occupational therapist can then procure the most appropriate cushion for the client.
Also included in our SIT Lab service:
  • Client and family education programmes
  • Appropriate wheelchair and cushion procurement
  • Medico-legal assessments and reports
  • Motivation for equipment
  • Research and development
  • Product assessment, reporting and endorsements

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