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Biodex unweighing system

The loss of the ability to walk can be one of the most debilitating aspects of many neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. Partial Body Weight Supported Therapy has shown great promise in helping a wide variety of impaired patients as they relearn walking function. It is an appropriate modality to use whenever gait therapy is prescribed for patients who are unable to support their own body weight.

Attachment rings on the support vest allow single or two-point pelvic stabilization when desired. Body Weight Supported Training consists of an unweighing harness that fits around the patient’s chest. The harness is then attached to an off-loading mechanism system that supports the weak patient in an upright, standing posture. The amount of support can be increased or reduced as the patient requires. A dynamic suspension system allows for natural vertical displacement of the patient’s centre of gravity. The suspension system is used to remove a pre-determined portion of the weight load from the patient’s legs and redistribute it to the patient’s trunk and upper thighs, thus freeing up the arms and legs. This system allows for intensive gait training on a treadmill or over ground. Body weight support training systems are available at some of the Rita Henn and Partners rooms and may be used to train the recovery of balance and posture for patients with compromised posture or balance mechanisms as well as gait retraining.

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