Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy’s primary aim is to improve independence and participation in all aspects of a person’s life (selfcare, leisure, work, play, social). The word occupation in the title describes any task we are required to do in our daily lives not only work-related tasks.

Our training and skills are aimed at assessing and analysing both the person’s abilities and deficits, the way in which tasks are done and the environments in which we function. Our belief is that participating in real life tasks is the most meaningful way to rehabilitate someone and we aim for our therapy to be as close to real life tasks as possible.

Therapy involves simulating real life tasks in individual and group settings to address deficits that have occurred from an illness / injury e.g.

  • motor functioning (e.g. movement, balance, co-ordination)
  • sensory functioning (e.g. vision, sensation in the limbs)
  • cognitive functioning (e.g. attention, memory, concentration, reasoning, problems solving)
  • social functioning (e.g. behavioural management, being able to interact and relate to others and work in teams)

We are skilled at providing adaptations as to how tasks are done to maximise independence. This may include teaching compensatory methods or providing assistive devices e.g. adapted eating or writing utensils to allow you to still perform tasks with limitation in functioning.

Alternatively, we can provide recommendations on how to adapt the environment to make tasks efficient and prevent future injury e.g. alterations to the home or work environments to make them accessible or ergonomic set up of work stations.

A key role is providing individualised recommendations on the correct adaptive equipment that may be required for your functioning e.g. mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions or seating supports; toileting or bathing aids such as commodes, bath or shower seats or grabrails.

So, a doctor may save your life, but an occupational therapist helps you live it!