Rehabilitation Treatment Plans

Rehabilitation Treatment Plans

At RHP our units try to separate and organise service provision around a single or closely related conditions.

Rehabilitation is delivered by dedicated interdisciplinary teams within each unit. The team of each unit takes full responsibility to co-ordinate the rehabilitation of each person’s condition including the need for social work services and supportive services such as nutrition, if required.

The benefit of this process is not only providing treatment but assume responsibility for engaging patients and their families in therapy but also to:

  • Providing education and counselling
  • Encourage adherence to rehabilitation
  • Supporting required behavioural changes

Staff work together in a team towards a common goal: maximising patient overall outcomes as efficiently as possible. Teams meet weekly formally and informally to review data on the goals to be met and to track the patient’s progress.

A key component in this process is the implementation of a rehabilitation programme manager who oversees each patient’s care process.