Group Rehabilitation Therapy

Group Rehabilitation Therapy

Group therapy, in which more than 2 patients participate in therapy activities together, is a common component of rehabilitation programs and is thought to offer unique benefits beyond those obtained from individual (1-on-1) therapy.

Group therapy may have unique advantages beyond those achievable through individual rehabilitation therapies. Some of these advantageous mentioned in research are based on the benefit of peer interactions. Interacting with others experiencing similar circumstances may enhance the learning experience, allowing for learning from others and a sense of support, enhance motivation, and decrease social isolation and depression. It has also been found that group therapy may enhance coping and mood.

In group sessions, feedback and encouragement may be provided by both the therapist(s) leading the group and by group members, increasing motivation to participate in therapy. Group sessions offer opportunities for interaction and communication with others that could not necessarily occur in individual sessions, and group participants may learn new information from questions raised and comments provided by other members of the group.

At Rita Henn and Partners, the therapy programme is compiled of a combination of group therapy, individual therapy and independent practice. Independent practice consists of both supervised and unsupervised practice. This is an important part of becoming more independent and taking ownership of one’s own rehabilitation process. Your therapy team shall determine the best therapy programme structure for your needs.

At Rita Henn and Partners, we encourage family members to be involved in therapy sessions and group sessions, as this a wonderful opportunity to learn how you can be involved and support your family member.