Functional Activity Training

Functional Activity Training

Task-oriented training involves practicing real-life tasks (such as walking or answering a telephone), with the intention of acquiring or reacquiring a skill. The tasks should be challenging and progressively adapted and should involve active participation from the patient. As a result, task-oriented training is the repetitive practice of a task that is specifically designed to achieve the intended outcome.

Task-oriented training sometimes involves using a technological aid. For example, practicing walking on a treadmill helps to retrain the stepping and stance phase required for independent walking. Task-oriented training is also sometimes called task-specific training, goal-directed training and functional task practice.

A task-oriented approach is one method used in rehabilitation to overcome limitations in functional activities. Studies have reported that using this approach is effective in improving functional activities in stroke patients and patients following trauma.

Because the task-oriented approach focuses on goals and the environment, it may be a suitable method for overcoming limited functional activities.

At Rita Henn and Partners the practicing and training of tasks and key functional activities is strongly advocated.