Exercise Plans & Prescriptions

Exercise Plans & Prescriptions

Prescribed exercises and home programmes consist of a set of recommended exercises designed specifically for a patient to practice independently. Individual therapy time is not nearly enough to make a permanent functional change in someone’s outcome. 

Exercise is central to the process of rehabilitation. Physical Rehabilitation is based on the principles of motor learning which requires patients to engage in as much practice as possible.

Attending therapy sessions but failing to practice exercises in between sessions is a common reason a patient may not achieve the results they hoped for. Not doing exercises between sessions is like trying to lose weight, but only eating healthy 2-3 times a week – it simply isn’t effective. Making sure you follow your prescribed exercise program is imperative for patients to achieve results that become permanent changes in behaviour.

Research has shown that patients who adhere to their prescribed exercises are significantly better at achieving their goals and show a greater increase in their physical functioning. Patients who do not comply with their prescribed exercises have shown to demonstrate less positive outcomes in the long term.

At Rita Henn and Partners, your therapist shall make exercise recommendations and prescribe specific exercises for practicing between therapy sessions. Your rehabilitation treatment sessions go hand in hand with an individualized prescribed self-practice exercise program, and both are essential in making your rehab more effective.

Lacking motivation is one of the most common obstacles patients face. One way to overcome this is finding a friend or partner who can encourage you and hold you accountable. The absence of a strong support network can lead to lower levels of adherence. However, in contrast – patients with overprotective families that discourage any activity that may cause discomfort are more likely to be less active and less adherent to their exercise programme.  

To maintain gains from one therapy session to the next, it’s imperative to complete the independent exercises to allow your functional gains to become consistent changes in your level of independence.

If you feel there are any issues at all that prevent you from committing to your exercise programme, it is important to communicate them to your therapist.